Bob Bullock Collection

This collection contains a curated set of images drawn from a larger collection of 6,000 photographs. The photos visually document Bullock's life from his family roots and early childhood through his political career and beyond. The collection contains digital surrogates of framed photographs, notebooks, photo albums and unframed oversize photographs. It also contains a political cartoon subseries.





About the political cartoons :

The Bob Bullock Political Cartoon subseries contains political cartoons about Bullock created by cartoonists from different Texas newspapers. The majority of these cartoons are framed and the physical collection contains duplicates of many of the cartoons. When a cartoon was published with Bullock in it, he would contact the cartoonist to try to purchase the cartoon. Then he would make copies and frame them (including the original) and either hang them at his office, home, or simply give them away.

Bullock had an intense relationship with the press, and these cartoons represent some of the most important issues facing Texas Government during the years Bullock held public office. Some copies of these cartoons are also at the Texas State Archive in Austin, Texas, and at Hill College in Hillsboro, Texas. The majority of the framed cartoons from Baylor are framed copies and not the originals.

The cartoons in this collection are dated between 1965 - 2008.


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