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The Baylor Lariat is the student newspaper of Baylor University in Waco, Texas. In 2008, 2010 and 2011, the Houston Press Club named it the best student newspaper in the state of Texas and The Associated Press Managing Editors of Texas named the Lariat the Collegiate Newspaper of the Year in 2010. The Baylor Lariat was officially begun in 1900 as The Varsity Lariat; it was formed out of a realization that “a high grade weekly was desired” to keep students, faculty, and alumni aware of campus events and news (including news from nearby colleges). The Lariat replaced The Baylor Weekly Leaf, whose editor was credited in the Lariat’s first issue with “taking the initiative” of reporting Baylor news.




The Evolving Name of the Campus Newspaper :

After its initial issue on November 8, 1900 was titled The 'Varsity Lariat, the official newspaper for the Baylor University community changed its name on a fairly regular basis before settling into a back-and-forth change between The Daily Lariat and The Baylor Lariat. The table below summarizes the shifting titles from 1900-present.


The 'Varsity Lariat (1900)
The Baylor Lariat (1932, summer)
The Lariat (1900-1920)
The Daily Lariat (1932-1939)
The Baylor Lariat (1920-1924)
The Summer Lariat (1939, summer)
The Daily Lariat (1924-1927)
The Daily Lariat (1939, fall)
The Baylor Lariat (1928)
The Summer Lariat (1940, summer)
The Daily Lariat (1929)
The Daily Lariat (1940-1943)
The Baylor Lariat (1930, summer)
The Baylor Lariat (1943-1947)
The Daily Lariat (1930, fall)
The Daily Lariat (1947-1951)
The Baylor Lariat (1931, summer)
The Baylor Lariat (1952-present)
The Daily Lariat (1931, fall)



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