'Sound Historian | Journal of the Texas Oral History Association'

Sound Historian: Journal of the Texas Oral History Association features articles on a broad array of topics that apply oral history methodology to scholarly research.  In each article, eyewitness testimony presents new, fresh perspectives on the events, issues, or people of the past.  In addition to exploring a variety of subjects, the articles also contribute to the discussion of the practice, theory, or application of oral history. Reviews of books that instruct in oral history methods or apply interview materials to historical research are included in Volume 2 and forward.

Sound Historian is a peer-reviewed journal, with an editorial board of outstanding Texas oral historians.  First published in 1993, the print journal is available to members of the Texas Oral History Association and also available for individual purchase or subscription.  The Texas Oral History Association, hosted by Baylor University’s Institute for Oral History since its founding in 1982, is a network of oral history practitioners that promotes the use of professional interviewing and archiving standards.  The organization sponsors conferences, program meetings, and awards.  Learn more at www.baylor.edu/toha.





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